2020 Symposium of Gastronomy &

Food History



Symposium of Gastronomy & Food History

will be held in Hamilton at the world famous Hamilton Gardens


the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of February, 2020.

The theme will be Gardens & Gastronomy.

Call For Papers

(closes 30th November)

Gardens not only feed us, but are romanticized as places for sharing meals and cultivating ideas. New Zealand food production history, cuisine and dining practices are intertwined with migration. Kumara, taro, and yam arrived with Māori settlers, New Zealand's first people. The delights of European agriculture—peaches, apples, melons, potatoes, corn and other foods—were introduced by missionaries and whalers. New dishes resulted from traditional recipes fused with new ingredients. The style of dining changed in response to the cultural milieu, ranging from the division and consumption of hāngi foods or a soldiers' mess ration to Victorian picnicking and modern al fresco dining on an apartment veranda.

Our Symposium setting contains a unique series of themed gardens reflecting four millennia of garden design as a repository of nature and food production, forms of art, and sites of entertainment and include Te Parapara Māori garden, the Tudor Garden, the Chinese Scholars' Garden, American Modernist Garden and an English Flower Garden. Locating the Symposium within this rich venue invites an important series of intersections of food, cookery, eating, dining, gardens and gardening. It is anticipated that with a late summer event several of the gatherings and meal breaks will occur in the outdoors.

We invite and encourage symposium Papers and Food preparation demonstrations that consider the subject of gardens. Gardens offer a broad range of foodways topics and options for presentations. Suggested topics included:

·     Gardens, gardening and food

·     Seasonal celebrations and foods

·     The cook's garden and notable gardeners

·     Garden influences on culinary styling and traditions

·     The history and future of food growing

·     The history of food gardens and gardening

·     The art of food and gardening

·     Maori and Indigenous gardening systems

·     School gardens and culinary education

·     Community gardens

·     Animals and the historic and modern food garden

·     Writers/artists, gardening and food

·     Recycling, repurposing and composting

·     Bibliographic inspirations

·     Food and garden matches with specific garden themes

·     Any related or associated ideas

The programme will also include a rapid fire 'No Knives' Kitchen Tool Show and Share.


Please email your offer of papers to ggsymposium2020@gmail.com

Papers should be of 15 minutes duration followed by a 5 minute period for questions. If your paper requires a longer presentation time please let us know and we will try to accomodate your request, where possible, depending upon constraints of the Symposium programme.  

Please provide a preliminary abstract of no more than 200 words, as well as a brief biographical statement.

Provide your contact details; name, email and a contact phone number.

Food Preparation Demonstrations:

Food Preparation Demonstrations will be between 15 and 30 minutes duration (no longer - please ensure you have timed your presentation in advance of the Symposium).

Provide information about your demonstration; what you are making, the equipment you need, and the length of time required. If there are additional supplies that you cannot bring to the Symposium let us know what these are.

As with Papers, please provide an abstract to accompany our demonstration, of no more than 200 words, as well as a brief biographical statement. Provide your contact details; name, email and a contact phone number.

'No Knives' Kitchen Tool, Show and Share:

These are of 2 to 5 minutes duration. Bring a kitchen utensil (not a knife) that has a story. When you are called on stand and share.

Let us know if you would like to 'Show and Share' but please don't tell us what the tool is - we want it to be a surprise. Again Please sign-up (but don't identify the tool). Again, provide your contact details; name, email and a contact phone number.

Submit your offer of Paper, Demonstration, or 'No Knives' Show and Share to:  


Acceptance emails will be sent out on 1st December 2019, and Registrations will begin on that date also. Registrations will take place through this website.

Presentations will be listed on this website in the first week of December.