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The Aristologist is published once or twice each year and contains articles from the Society’s Symposia as well as new research material, recipes and other culinary oddments. Eleven volumes have been published, contents of 11 are here). Scroll down to see the contents of earlier issue2.

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The Journal Aristologist devoted to Australiasian culinary gastronomy history
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Confessions of a Passionate Diner / Michael Symons 9

New Light on the Lamington / Helen Leach 23

Never Gallop Asparagus / Duncan Galletly 31

Irene Ballantyne's Cookbook (1936) / Irene Ballantyne 42

Prince Alfred and the Hokitika Free Lunch (.... Applause) / Richard Till 66

A New Zealand Girl and her Cookery Book / Duncan Galletly 78

Would the Real Colonial Goose Please Stand Up / Bill Bryce 104

Pleasing Our Lords and Masters / Alison McKee 111

Mrs Fortescue's Boarders / Fanny Murdoch 120

- "Eating Away From Home" -

Rangitoto Bach Cuisine / Dave Veart 130

A Case Study for 'Dining out' / Lois Daish 133

A New Test Kitchen at Hansells / Jan Bennett 135

The Good Old-fashioned Kiwi Barbecue / André Taber 137

Conversation is All of Food, Food, Food... / Andrew Barclay 140

A History of the New Zealand Restaurant / Perrin Rowland 142

Menus for 'Eating Out' in 20th century New Zealand / Janet Mitchell 144

Easter Camp at Greytown / Lois Daish 148

In the Bush and On Safari / Kate Hunter 154

Review: An Annotated Bibliography of Domestic Australian

Cookery Books 1860s to 1950. John Hoyle.


A Leisurely Miserere Psalm / Tui Flower

Eating Above Your Station / Dave Veart

Finding Miss Fidler / John Webster

‘An Affaire de Stomach’  / Donna Lee Brien

Wine-Growing in the Wairarapa (1882 - 1910) / Dave McKee

How Mustard Saves You Money On Every Meal  / Jeanette Fry

Mélanie S. Primmer and the Up-to-Date Housewife / Janet Mitchell

Home Science and the Arrival of the ‘Modern Kitchen’  / Helen Leach

Dinner with the Mount Cook Motor Company / Richard Till

Under Proper Control and Management / André Taber

By Their Menus Ye Shall Know Them / Nicola Saker

Annie B. Hill’s Cookery Book / Alison McKee

What might have been... / Alison McKee, Duncan Galletly

The Balloon Baking Book /

Discovering Pacific Tastes / Nancy J. Pollock

Hospitality in the 1920s  / Diane Langman

Women and Gastronomy / Michael Symons

A Spanish Inquisition / Dennis Taylor

A Cloud of Possibilities  / Duncan Galletly

Spanish Cream  - A Compilation (1658 - 1930) / Duncan Galletly

Penguin Pies / John Webster


20th Century Fruit and Vegetable Preservation / Helen Leach

Modern N.Z. Preserves / Mary Browne

Yellow Power / Carolyn Morris

Canning Bunnies / Raeline Inglis

A Wanganui Childhood / Jill Brewis

Dreaming the same Dream / Jeanette Fry

Demotic Memorials / Susan E Jowsey & Rachel Carley

Putting Up Stores

Send all Supplies / Eloise Wallace

Te Kai a te Rangatira / Migoto Eria

The Squirrel in the Jar / Lucy Hammonds

Survivor Stories / Georgina White

6th NZFHS Dinner / Alison McKee

Preserves in three

old N.Z. Cookbooks

Economic Cooking Lessons (1889)

Practical Household Recipes (1889)

N.Z. Cookery Book and Colonial Household Guide (1891)


Charity, Welfare, Justice, Love and Inclusion / Marion Maddox 9

Crook Cooks/ Diana Noyce 17

"Bring a Plate" / Barbara Santich 55

A Taste of Pleasure / Alice McLean 75

Stories from the Governor's Table / Jacqui Newling 87

Posts Prandial / Alison Vincent 103

Revolution in Ferment / Josh Evans 115

The Convivial Table / Kelly Donati 127

Uninvited Guests / John Newton 145

Brillat-Savarin's Definition of Gastronomy, Improved / Michael Symons 160

Brillat-Savarin in the Enlightenment / Anthony Corones 167

The Physiology of Gout / Duncan Galletly 176

18th Symposium Banquet / Jeannette Fry 201

18th Symposium "Cocktails" / Duncan Galletly 205

My Newcastle / Michael Symons 210


The Lamington / Alison Vincent

Poorman's Orange / Alana Clarke

How to Eat a Thistle / Noëlle Janaczewska

New Zealand Food Banks / Nancy Pollock

Aristology / Duncan Galletly

Thomas Walker / Blanchard Jerrold

The Art of Dining / Thomas Walke


Thirty Years of the Australian Symposium / Alison Vincent

Rum, Currency and Rebellion / Jeannette Fry

European Winemakers in Myanmar / Jacqueline Dutton

Kauri Logging Camp Cooks / Alexy Simmons

Division in the Kitchen / Helen Leach

My Nana's 'Cheesies' / Jan Bennett

Ferment in Food Education / Margaret Brooker

The New Zealand Pikelet-Blini / Janet Mitchell

Perceptions of Women's Food Writing / Anne Else

Organic Food Evolution in New Zealand / Christine Dann

Changing Images of Food / Mary Browne

The Art of Dining (continued) / Thomas Walker


Craft Beer / Phil Cooke

Art, Food and the Sublime / Max Dingle

Service / Paul Schrader

Patricia Harris / Lois Daish

Inviting a Friend to Supper / Ben Jonson

Liberating the Captives / Matt Lamason

Rachel Macpherson / John Webster

Aprons / Elaine Reeves

Richard Beckett and Leo Schofield, 1971 - 1978 / Alison Vincent

Chinatown and Beyond / David Burton

The New Zealand Scone / Margaret Brooker

Walker's Culinary Addenda / Thomas Walker


Things My Mother Taught Me / Bill Bryce

Gender Norms in Norwegian Cookbooks

/ Saman Hassibi & Amir Sayadabdi

Bring a Plate?  / Rob Richardson

Mabel & Her Manawatu Red Cookery Book / Alison McKee

Wood Engraving & Cookbook Illustration / Duncan Galletly

The Honours of the Table

with The Art of Carving

The Reverend Dr John Trusler (1791)


Dinner with Frank / Dave Veart

Teaching Everyday Cookery / Helen Leach & Jane Teal

Margaret Dunn & Her Everyday Cookery Book  / Donna Lee Brien

Alys’ Adventures in New Zealand / John Webster

Mumfood / Alison Vincent

2017 Symposium Abstracts

From Kashk-o bedanjun and Ciandi Thoke / Alison Vincent

2017 Symposium Dinner / Max Dingle

[with two pieces on Domestic Service]

On Emigrating to New Zealand as Domestic Servants (1884) / E.B.S.

A Present for a Servant Maid (1743)  / Eliza Haywood 72


Bee Nilson / Sarah Davey 9

Recipes, Armistice and Remembrance / Joanna Cobley 17

The Hellenic Mile / Gail Pittaway 31

Gastronomy and the Mouth-Brain Axis / Graham Ellender 41

Food in the New Zealand Navy / Andre Taber 49

Why Don’t Poor People Buy Healthier Food / Ann Else 65

Eating Out in Napier in the 60s and 70s / Lara Anderson 76

Anne Ruddock, The Archdeacon’s Wife / John Webster 87

Eel Migration Interupted / Bill Bryce 99

A Present for a Servant Maid - part 2 (1743) / Eliza Haywood 111

The Everyday in Christchurch / Michael Symons 144


Garden Memories / John Webster 9

Dig For Victory / Duncan Galletly 19

The New Zealand Vegetable Garden in the 1950s

/ Kate Jordan 32

The Choko / Alison Vincent 39

An Indigenous Kitchen Garden / Max Dingle 50

Kitchen Gardens in Remote Australia / Paul van Reyk 61

The Kiwi Chestnut / Maria Teresa Corino 76

Newspaper Chestnut Recipes 106

Nesselrode Pudding / Duncan Galletly 134


Marianne North / Anna Zappatini 138

Marianne North’s New Zealand Visit (1881)

/ Marianne North 157


David Hay / Duncan Galletly 173

Management of the Kitchen Garden (1867) / David Hay 189

The Honey Bee (1868) / H. J. Hawkins and David Hay 227