Contributing to the Aristologist

The Aristologist is a peer reviewed journal taken by all major public and academic libraries in New Zealand.

We welcome submissions from professional and amateur gastronomers on any aspect of food and eating - historical, philosophical, or topics of social relevance. Contributions could be an original research paper, an abstract of a paper, a reminiscence, photograph, an old manuscript, review of a book, an interesting culinary snippet, or simply an idea in gastronomy that is likely to generate interest or debate. We are particularly interested in preserving knowledge of food and foodways in Australasia.

Contributions should be free of copyright, or copyright should be owned by the author. There is no word limit to textual material but manuscripts may require editing prior to publication.

A summary of the Aristologist's referencing style is given here.

Submitted scans or photographs should be sent as separate jpeg files of at least 300 dpi resolution. Please do not send illustrations within Word documents. All illustrations are published in greyscale or black and white.

If you wish to offer a contribution please email : HERE