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The number of gastronomy web sites is large and growing. Some are worthwhile and some are awful. If you know of any  web based sources of useful information, or if you find any of the following links dead, or duds, please send a message from the bottom of the page.

Food History Publishers

Prospect Books : Prospect Books, publisher of books about cookery, food history and the ethnology of food. Publishers of Petit Propos Culinaires.

Food Heritage Press :

University of California Press


Grub Street (UK):

Applewood Books - reprints many elderly cookery books - mainly from the US:

Dealers in old and new cookery books

The easiest way to find and purchase old hard to find cookery books is through one of several book search sites [support your local book seller first however] : The most useful being:

Bookfinder : owned by abebooks and hence amazon

Abebooks : a subsidiary of amazon

Alibris :

Biblio : - Britains largest site for rare books

Addall : - perhaps the best although a little basic in design - it will search many other sites including those above.

Most second hand / rare book dealers sell through one or more of the above sites, but if you are local you can avoid postage costs (which can be horrendous for heavy books) by going into the local bookseller, occasionally the book may also be cheaper than the online price.

Amazon is perhaps the largest seller of new books, and through Abe, secondhand books:


Books for Cooks : Independant bookseller of new & old books about wine, food & the culinary arts. Based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. : Online source of vintage cookery books : Online cookery books : Internet book shop with large number of cookery-related books and pamphlets


Books and Bygones


Acanthus Books

Bernard Shapero Rare Books

Historical sources - Digital collections to read or download

General Archives:

There are many sources for full-text, online digital books relating to gastronomy. The most extensive are : Google books - some books are still under copyright but most of those before 1923 are not. Use the advanced search function to limit your searches to those available in full view. Snippet view may also be useful at times. The HathiTrust digital library includes almost 5 million digitised volumes, of which about 15% are in the public domain. There is some overlap with google books, but some volumes are only available at HathiTrust. The internet archive includes 2.5 million books that can be read and downloaded. Project Gutenberg has about 50,000 free ebooks. The Online Books Page: Archives and Indexes gives a catalogue of online full-text sources and resources. Chest of books has a useful selection of cookery books as well as many other categories.

Specifically gastronomic archives: : European cookery books - he Grewe digital collection is a selection of 50 books on food and cooking from the sixteenth century to 1820

Digital collection of US Cookery Books : Feeding America - The Feeding America project has created an online collection of some of the most important and influential American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. The digital archive includes page images of 76 cookbooks from the MSU Library's collection as well as searchable full-text transcriptions. This site also features a glossary of cookery terms and multidimensional images of antique cooking implements from the collections of the MSU Museum.

Online culinary history network : online research library and network of historical culinary texts, dating from earliest times to the 18th century : Dutch cookery books, some translated : Extensive list of sources for ancient and medieval cookery and brewing from Cindy Renfrew - author of "Take a thousand Eggs".

Kingdom of Atlantia - complex store of historical online sources, recipes and redactions :

Medieval sources :

Medieval collections of recipes and resources : : Hearth - a core electronic collection of books and journals in Home Economics and related disciplines. Titles published between 1850 and 1950 were selected and ranked by teams of scholars for their great historical importance. The first phase of this project focused on books published between 1850 and 1925 and a small number of journals. Future phases of the project will include books published between 1926 and 1950, as well as additional journals. The full text of these materials, as well as bibliographies and essays on the wide array of subjects relating to Home Economics, are all freely accessible on this site. This is the first time a collection of this scale and scope has been made available. : Useful source for some digital online books and other oddments : Links to many Australian and a few online NZ digital cookbooks : A site devoted to Victorian London but with many useful online digital segments relating to cookery. Includes a full online Mrs Beeton (1961).

Specific Digital Books: : William Hazlitt - "Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisines"

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management, by Isabella Beeton, 1861:

Australia : "English and Australian Cookery Book" (1864) - the first Australasian Cookery Book : The State Library of Victoria has a number of digised cookery books that are available for viewing, these include:

The English and Australian cookery book : cookery for the many, as well as for the upper ten thousand / by an Australian aristologist. (1864)

Cottage cookery (hygienic and economic) / by Rita, social editress of the Melbourne "Herald" and "Weekly Times", from which these articles are re-printed. Rita. Melbourne : Geo. Robertson & Co. [1897]

The art of living in Australia [electronic resource] / Muskett, Philip E. (d. 1909) : Philip E Muskett (Philip Edward)

The dinkie die cookery book / by Bernard C. Brader. : Bernard C Brader, Australia : s.n. 1910

Cookery book and household guide. : Melbourne : Civil Service Cooperative Society of Victoria [between 1910 and 1915]

The Viceroy home guide : useful everyday hints for the home. : Adelaide : Wilkinson 1914

The relief cookery book / by J. Reseigh. J Reseigh. Donald Vic. : C.H. Wilson 1915

Economical cookery recipes. : Melbourne : Wilke, Mitchell & Co. 1917

199 ways of cooking apples : a fresh dish every day. : Melbourne : Union Manufacturing & Agency Co. [1917]

A Breakfast calendar of three hundred and sixty-six suggestions for dishes suitable at breakfast : a few quotations and some recipes. : Adelaide : G. Hassell & Son 1918

Cookery book : tried recipes of 26 nations / [compiled and edited by Mrs. M.R. McMillan and Reba Shearer for the International Club of Victoria]. : M. R McMillan Mrs. Melbourne : International Club of Victoria [192-?]

The Colonial Mutual Life cookery book. : Melbourne? : Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society [192-?]

Marmite : the pure vegetable extract. Sydney : Sanitarium Health Food Co. [192-?]

Swinburne Technical College text book for Nurses' Cookery Certificate required by the Royal Victorian Trained Nurses' Association : dainty dishes for children, invalids and convalescents / compiled by Miss Lucy Drake ; revised and enlarged by Dorothy M. Giles. Lucy Drake. Melbourne : Swinburne Technical College [192-?]

Cookery book. : Rozelle, N.S.W. : Clements Tonic Ltd. 192u

Invalid cookery : recipes used in nurses' cookery classes / compiled by Lily F. Fowler. : Adelaide : G. Wood Son 1922

Invalid and convalescent cookery : a collection of tried recipes for the use of Australian nurses / by Kate Harriott. : Kate Harriott, Sydney : William Brooks & Co. [1922]

Hot weather dishes / by Mrs. S.T. Rorer. : S. T Rorer (Sarah Tyson), 1849-1937. Melbourne : E. W. Cole Book Arcade 1922

Secret recipes : including toilet formulas, private trade recipes, advertised "patent medicine" analysis, secret medical recipes, exclusive cookery recipes / compiled by the Wardmaster. Thomas James Holmes 1885?-1947. Melbourne : Veritas Library [1923?]

Our girls' cookery book / by M.M. Burton. : M. M Burton (Mary MacKechnie), Melbourne : National Press 1925

The Everyday and everyway recipe book / compiled by the Wardmaster. : Thomas James Holmes 1885?-1947. Melbourne : Veritas Publishing [1925?]

Breakfast, dinner, tea recipes and menus / compiled by the Wardmaster. : Melbourne : Veritas Publishing [1925?]

The AGEE book : the housewife's guide to the bottling and preserving of fruits and vegetables / by leading fruit preserving experts.

Spotswood, Vic. : Australian Glass Manufacturers Company [1926-28?]

Jams, jellies, marmalades : selected and tested recipes and formulas / The Disabled Men's Association of Australia. Melbourne : The Association 1927

Citrus recipes for every day. Melbourne : issued by the Victorian Railways Commissioners and State Rivers and Water Supply Commission as part of the propaganda to assist in the development of the primary industries of the state 1927

The Trufood book of 69 tempting recipes. : Melbourne : Trufood of Australia [1928?]

My daily dinner cookery book : the work of a practical housewife : what to have and how to cook it. : K Balfour (Katrina). Melbourne, Specialist Publishing Co. ; 1928

The Colonial Mutual Life cookery book. : Melbourne : Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Co. [193-?]

The wine and food cookery book, embodying recipes for lovers of good dishes / [introduction by Eric J. Mish]. : Melbourne? : s.n. 1930

The Leader spare corner book. Part II. : Melbourne Printed and published by Quintin Thomas Bone for David Syme and Co. 1930

Recipe book : containing all the best culinary recipes, formulas and menus. : Melbourne : Disabled Men's Association of Australia [193-?]

Sunshine cookery book / Australian Dried Fruits. : Melbourne : Australian Dried Fruits [193-?]

Kraft recipe book : cheese and ways to serve it. : Melbourne : Kraft Walker Cheese Co. [193-?]

Cooking on the Moffat electric range. : Melbourne : Metters K.F.B. [193-?]

Gelatine is first aid to food economy. : Sydney : Davis Gelatine [193-?]

The Story of honey : a romance of nature. : Sydney : Gotham A/Asia for Dept. of Commerce [193-?]

Citrus recipes for every day. : Melbourne : issued by the Victorian Railways Commissioners and State Rivers and Water Supply Commission in conjunction with the Federal Citrus Council of Australia 1930

Winning essays in thrifty meals competition : comprising full menus, recipes, and purchase lists carried out by the Housewives' Association, Temple Court, Collins Street, Melbourne. Melbourne? : The Association? 1930

Housewives delight with peaches and apricots : hints, suggestions, ideas and delicious recipes / wholly compiled and arranged by the Publicity Staff of the Australian Dried Fruits Association. : Melbourne : Australian Dried Fruits Association [193-?]

How to save and what to cook. : Sydney : W.H. Comstock Co. Ltd. 1931

How to make delicious cakes / [Bushells Ltd.] : Sydney : Bushells 1932

The Best recipes of 1932 from Woman's world. : Melbourne : Woman's World [1932?]

More cookies. : Caulfield Vic. : E.H. Baillie 1933

Healthful cookery / by Jenny Bartlett. : Jenny Bartlett. Warburton, Vic. : Signs Publishing [ca. 1934]

Australian canned fruits : from orchard to home. : Canberra? : Fruit Industry Sugar Concession Committee 1934

Do you value your health / published by the proprietors of Dr. Morse's Root Pills and Mirpil Skin Balm. : Sydney : W.H. Comstock Co. Ltd. 1934

30th anniversary cookery book & household guide for the year 1935 / Crofts Stores Pty. Ltd. : Melbourne : Crofts Stores [1935?]

Hot dishes / by Sue Flay. Sue Flay. Caulfield Vic. : E.H. Baillie 1935

Ensign hand book. : Sydney ; Melbourne : Edwards & Co. [1936?]

Delicious milk dishes and drinks / issued by the Milk Board Melbourne. : Melbourne : The Board [1936?]

Winter cooking / [by Sue Flay]. : Sue Flay, Melbourne : United Press [1936]

Can cookery : 100 recipes from tins. : Melbourne : Lawrence Kay for Pictorial Newspapers [1937]

Davis dainty dishes. : Sydney : Davis Gelatine Organization 1937

The Leader spare corner book : an unique collection of home and household hints and kitchen recipes. Parts 10, 11, 12. : Melbourne : The Age 1938

Recipes for all meals / compiled by Vesta. : Vesta. Melbourne : The Argus [1938]

Australian sunshine cookery book. : Melbourne : Dried Fruits Publicity Committee 1939

The Better way on baking day : McAlpin's tested recipes. : Melbourne : J. McAlpin & Sons [1939?]

Rawleigh's good health guide, almanac and cookery book, 1939-40. : Melbourne : W.T. Rawleigh Company [1940]

The Big 4 book of recipes. : Melbourne : Hancock's Golden Crust Pty. Ltd. 1940

100 tested recipes : afternoon tea dainties. : South Melbourne, Vic. : Robur Tea Co.? 194u

50 easy and interesting ways for serving apples and pears. Australia : Australian Apple and Pear Board [194-?]

100 tested recipes : afternoon tea dainties. South Melbourne, Vic. : Robur Tea Co.? 194u

Butterless recipes with McAlpin's self-raising flour : economical, easy and specially tested. : Melbourne? : McAlpin 1940

Pot luck : a patriotic party book / arranged by Mary Lundqvist and edited and illustrated by Alan McCulloch. : Mary Lundqvist. Kew Vic. : W.D. Vaughan in conjunction with B.T. Addison & Son, for W.A.S.P.S. [194-?]

New Zealand : Edmonds' Sure to Rise Cookery Book (1914) : War Economy Cookery Book (1943)

Redactions : Redactions of historic recipes, mainly middle eastern and Roman.


IVU Online library : Large number of vegetarian history links and information. : All things Vegan

Canadian History

Culinary Historians of Canada : Cooks, cooking, food and foodways in Canada

Australian History

Research centre for the history of food and drink : Adelaide : Wartime tucker : Bush Tucker : Aboriginal Bush Foods : Western Australia - Eating the Archives - 2011 exhibition : National Library - Web archive relating to food & drink

American History

Food History News : Sandy Oliver's Food History News with many useful links. : Extensive list of sources and links relating to food and drink - primarily American but other areas are included.

New Zealand History

Ministry of Culture and Heritage : Food in the 20th Century

Te Ara - Encyclopaedia of New Zealand : Pakeha introduced foods : Food, drink and dress

International :"The museums research, collect, preserve, exhibit and explain the history and social significance of the world's most important foods, and bring artifacts and programs to audiences of all ages." Large and interesting melange of foodie bits and pieces. : Ivan Day's site on historic food : Links to culinary history groups and food websites, mainly US but not exclusively

Food Timelines

Jan O'Connel's Australian Food History Timeline:

Retail grocery in Australia:

The late Lynne Olver's basic but extensive international timeline: Food Timeline : Olver's food timeline for Australia and New Zealand : Wiki Food Timeline : Timeline included in "an eccentric world of unique and fascinating food information."

Cookery Book Collecting : Cookbook discussion forum (American) : Brief discussion on the subject from : Cookbooks from Monash University


Oxford Symposium :


Slow Food :

Magazines / Journals

Gastronomica - an eclectic international magazine of Gastronomy published by the University of California and edited by Lissa Caldwell: :

Petit Propos Culinaires:  - Started by Alan Davidson this quirky, highly readable journal is to Gastronomy what "Nature" is to science. Very highly respected

Anthropology of Food: : American Folklaw Society Digest : Food and Foodways : Food and History - Journal of the European Institute for the History and Culture of Food : Food Culture and Society : British Food Journal (this site) : The Aristologist - An Antipodean Journal of Food History

Global Food History, 2015-:

International Journal of the Sociology of Agriculture and Food, 1991-:

Journal Culinaire - Kultur und Wissenschaft des Essens, seit 2005-:

Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society

Eating Behaviors, 2000-:

Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment, 1977-: (Formerly: Culture and Agriculture)

Appetite, 1980-:

Food / Food History Writing and Research : A Historian's Take on Food History and Food : Food writing with Molly O’Neill : Doing history with the internet : Archives : Ken Albala - How to Publish a Food Book : State Library of Victoria - researching food in Victoria : University of Adelaide Research Guide

NGram viewer : Useful word analysis tool for google books : Useful site incorporating a dictionary of nearly 4,000 terms found used in documents relating to trade and retail in early modern Britain

Blogs and Opinions

Darian Zam:

Michael Symons : Ranking of Australian Food Bloggers

US based but international content (PB Reber):

Michael Pollan :

Oddments : International Association of Culinary Professionals : The Salt - NPR (National Public Radio) food blog (US) : Eating the invaders - Eating invasive species (US) : 21st Century Foraging - blog (US) : Guide to the edible plants of England : Eating flowers : The silliness of "authenticity" : Bompas & Parr

Philosophy and Ethics : Food Ethics - University of Vienna : The Philosophy of food : The Right to Food : United Nations - The right to food : Food Ethics Council : Food First : Action aid - Food rights - Africa : Agriculture, Ethics and the Environment : Eating liberally (ethically) : Food ethics blog : Real Food Films

Degrees : Le Cordon Bleu - Adelaide : Le Cordon Bleu - Wellington : Higher degrees from the University of Adelaide

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