New Zealand Food History

the Aristologist


A Leisurely Miserere Psalm / Tui Flower

Eating Above Your Station / Dave Veart

Finding Miss Fidler / John Webster

‘An Affaire de Stomach’  / Donna Lee Brien

Wine-Growing in the Wairarapa (1882 - 1910) / Dave McKee

How Mustard Saves You Money On Every Meal  / Jeanette Fry

Mélanie S. Primmer and the Up-to-Date Housewife / Janet Mitchell

Home Science and the Arrival of the ‘Modern Kitchen’  / Helen Leach

Dinner with the Mount Cook Motor Company / Richard Till

Under Proper Control and Management / André Taber

By Their Menus Ye Shall Know Them / Nicola Saker

Annie B. Hill’s Cookery Book / Alison McKee

What might have been... / Alison McKee, Duncan Galletly

The Balloon Baking Book /

Discovering Pacific Tastes / Nancy J. Pollock

Hospitality in the 1920s  / Diane Langman

Women and Gastronomy / Michael Symons

A Spanish Inquisition / Dennis Taylor

Spanish Cream - A Cloud of Possibilities  / Duncan Galletly

Spanish Cream - A Compilation (1658 - 1930) / Duncan Galletly

Penguin Pies / John Webster