New Zealand Food History

the Aristologist

Convenor: Jennifer Yee Collinson


FRIDAY - 2nd September

6.00-8.30pm The Dissection Club: Symposium Opening Night at the PAH HOMESTEAD, 72 Hillsborough Rd.

Collusion between artist, chef and the dissection club.

Beef, flesh handbag artist Niki Hill, Judge Bao & the Dissectionist.

Drinks with Grazing Supper by Judge Bao.

SATURDAY - 3rd September

Registration from 8.15.

9.00am Symposium welcome

9.15 Christine Hall: AUT Master of Gastronomy.

9.30 Robert Richardson: Bring a plate? Social Food Gatherings in New Zealand.

10.00 Tracy Berno: The 100% Pure" advantage: Putting the Culture into New Zealand agriculture.

10.30 Morning Tea & Trading Table*


Vessels by Potter Richard Naylor

11.00 Angela Clifford: ConversatioNZ: Making New Zealand Food Famous.

11.30 Dave Veart: Exceedingly Pretty Chickens - Winifred Campbell part 1 -

John Logan Campbell's daughter's letters.

12.00 Lorraine Wilson: Winifred's War - Winifred Campbell part 2.

12.30 Lunch

1.45 Nat Cheshire & Daijing Tai: Common Ground, Uncommon Space.

2.30 Giapo : Giapo Haute Ice Cream & Demonstration.

3.15 Afternoon Tea

3.30 Shona Dey: Food, Aesthetics and Photography.

4.00 John Webster: Rust on Food - Yvonne Rust - a cook and potter

at the Christchurch Centre for Design.

4.30 Aaron McLean: Stonesoup: a conversation.

5.00 Giapo: Queen St, Civic Building.

SUNDAY - 4th September

9.30 Viv Teo: Breakbread & Short film.

10.00 Niki Hill: Aesthetics in Contemporary Art and the raw food product of artist Niki Hill.

10.30 Morning Tea & Trading Table*

11.00 Saman Hassibi & Amir Sayadabdi: Persian Fruit Bowl: The aesthetics and

symbolic meanings in Iranian food culture.

11.30 Suzanne Bliss: Tart Lessons.

12.00 Alison McKee: The Art of Carving: A merry thought and a pack of playing cards.

12.30: Picnic Lunch at Albert Park.

Library Visit: Sir George Grey Special Collections Exhibition: House & Home - domestic Life in New Zealand.

Level 2, Auckland Central City Library, 44-46 Lorne Street.

2.00 Alexa Johnston: The Edmonds Cookbook Project.

2.30 Andre Taber: Baking Powder Label designs as worthy artifacts.

2.45 Peter Randrup: Insects for Dinner

3.15: Afternoon Tea.

3.45 Jennifer Yee Collinson: Porridge, Congee & Weeds.

4.15 Duncan Galletly: The Illustration of Cookery Books.

4.45 Christine Hall: Dining in the Dark.

5.15 Symposium 2017.

7.00 Symposium Dinner: Jeeb at Gemmayze St. St. Kevins Arcade,

183 Karagahape Rd.