New Zealand Food History

the Aristologist

Eating Away From Home

November 27-28, 2010


Convenor: Duncan Galletly


9.00  Introduction and Welcome

9.10  Andre Taber - The Barbecue

9.50  Kate Hunter -  Hunting and eating away from home

10.30am  Morning Tea

11.00am  Janet Mitchell - Menus for dining out in 20th century New Zealand.

11.45am  Alison McKee – Fanny Murdoch and “How to please our Lords and Masters”.

12.30am  Lunch

1.30pm  Perrin Rowland – A history of the New Zealand Restaurant

2.30pm  Lois Daish – Case study of a restauranteur

3.00pm  Afternoon tea

3.30pm  Duncan Galletly – Isobel Broad

4.30pm  Andrew Barclay – Italian Prisoners of War - eating far away from home.

Symposium Dinner - Mirabelle (Carterton)


9.00am  Winegrowing in the Wairarapa

9.30am  Lois Daish – Sunday school picnics in the Wairarapa

10.00am  Jan Bennett – The Hansell's Test Kitchen

10.30am  Morning Tea

11.00am  Dave Veart - Holiday Hunters and Gatherers - Dining with the Rangitoto Bach Community.

11.30am  The NZFHS revisited

2010 / Greytown (IV)